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Sitecore Automation Module (SAM)

posted by Robert Senktas   | 2016-11-16

image Today is the first public release of Sitecore Automation Module. This module provides functions for automating tasks connected with Sitecore development.
Functionality of this module cover automation in the following areas:
1) Sitecore Environment Setup
2) Sitecore Sites
3) Sitecore Configuration

Quick start
Step 1
Get and install Sitecore-Automate is distributed as the PowerShell Gallery module sitecore-automation. In PowerShell 5.0 or with PowerShellGet you can install it by this command:

Install-Module Sitecore-Automation
If command Install-Module not exist in your installation, go to the PowerShell Gallery and update your installation.
Step 2:
In a PowerShell command prompt import the module:
Import-Module Sitecore-Automation
Project page is available on Bitbucket

Sitecore Powershell
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Sitecore Automation Module