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MSDN subscriptions are restricted from provisioning in this region.

posted by Robert Senktas   | 25-09-2017

But why?

MSDN subscription restrictions During my adventure with Sitecore on Azure, I noticed this error "MSDN subscriptions are restricted from provisioning in this region" when Azure SQL database was provisioning during Sitecore deployment. I also found on Slack that other people have the same problem with Visual Studio Enterprise license.
When I ask Azure Support, I didn't get an answer why it happened.

I decided to investigate why this issue occurs, and it seems that answer is simple. There is a PowerShell command 'Get-AzureLocation.' The Get-AzureLocation cmdlet gets a list of the available Azure data centers and their properties for the current Azure subscription.

For my Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription I got the following list:
East US
South Central US
West Europe
Southeast Asia
West US 2
West Central US
When I switch to Microsoft Azure Enterprise subscription, then the list was a much longer:
East US
West US
South Central US
Central US
North Central US
East US 2
North Europe
West Europe
Southeast Asia
East Asia
Japan West
Japan East
Brazil South
Australia Southeast
West US 2
West Central US
Australia East
Central India
South India
West India
Canada Central
Canada East
UK West
UK South
Korea Central
Korea South
To check where you will be able to deploy Sitecore just check Get-AzureLocation results.

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