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Sitecore on Azure - costs

posted by Robert Senktas   | 30-06-2017

My posts about Sitecore on Azure

Some time ago I started an adventure with Sitecore Azure Toolkit. Here is a list of my posts about Siteore on Azure:
1. How to setup automatic login to Azure account.
2. How to use shared access signatures (SAS) in an automated way during Sitecore deployment with Azure Toolkit.


Some time ago I started an adventure with Sitecore Azure Toolkit. I run a single Sitecore instance with Sitecore Azure Toolkit. It is a really greate solution to setup demo sites or use a new clean Sitecore instance for error reproduction process. By three days I do some experinments and tests, install sitecore with additional modules and so on. After three days I decided to check Azure's cost to know how much my joy would cost. You can see costs on image below:

Azure Search Cost And I was a little suprised because the most expensive part is Others. I want to check who is Others, and why is so expensive, because on more detailed screen the Others gone and the costs looks like below: Azure Resource Cost
I dig into cost, and I found that most expensive is Azure Search service. I will check Azure Search price and every thing is correct. You can check current price here. I have a little hope that there is a space for safe a money, because is saw that there is free and basic pricing tier of Azure Search service. But my happines was quite short because in documentation I found that Azure Search for Sitecore needs a standard pricing tier :(.
Azure Search Requirement

I think to be fully satisfied with Sitecore on Azure, I should consider setup a small SOLR instance on VM in Azure and check the costs.

Sitecore Cost Azure
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