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How to setup automatic login to Azure account

posted by Robert Senktas   | 27-06-2017

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Some time ago I started an adventure with Sitecore Azure Toolkit. Here is a list of my posts about Siteore on Azure:
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Automatic-Azure-login Some time ago I started an adventure with Sitecore Azure Toolkit. The first annoying thing I came across was logging in to Azure login. In Polish we call it 'upierdliwa rzecz'. I decided to use my Sitecore Automation Module, actually a part of module functionality called a Simple Credential Store.
The first simple thing that I have to do is create a storage and save this storage to CSV file. File content is encrypted and can be decryped only on my computer. Below there is a Powershell snippet:

Import-Module sitecore-automation
New-StoredCredential -Key "AzureLogins"
Export-CredentialStore -Path (Join-Path "C:\SitecoreInstall\Azure" -ChildPath 'azure.csv')

Well, and that's it. We just need to read credentials and pass data to Login-AzureRmAccount funtion:

Import-Module sitecore-automation	
Import-CredentialStore -Path (Join-Path "C:\SitecoreInstall\Azure" -ChildPath 'azure.csv')
Login-AzureRmAccount -Credential (Get-StoredPSCredential -Key "AzureLogin")

Now, you are logged to Azure account and you are able to do whatever you want.

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